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All Your Stars Released

Oct. 10, 2008

Dear Friends, Family, Neighbors, Friends of Friends, Strangers, & Skeptical Republicans,
There is no debate….the final cut of “All Your Stars” is out and it’s even better than the original.  Hard to believe I know, but we recovered footage from last week’s hard drive crash
(a short and digitally bloody tale that I won’t frighten you with here) and have incorporated some “lost shots” to enhance your viewing pleasure.
Thanks to all who watched the preview and for all the kind feedback we have received.
This time I ask that if you would like to make a comment, please post it on the YouTube site so that all may enjoy your thoughts. Those of you at a loss for words feel free to cut and paste from the following list:
1. I wasn’t going to vote, but after seeing your video I have seen the light. and he is
Obama!  He’s got my vote! Love the bulldog…thanks…  Newly Inspired
2.Great video!  I’ve already voted for Obama by absentee ballot, but I’m so pumped up after watching the video I’m gonna vote for him again on Nov. 4th.! Obama! Obama!
Thanks…..Double Dipper
3. I was going to vote for McCain, but then I looked at this video. Where did you find Abe Lincoln… and those parrots? What makes you so Silky, Dave?  You can see Russia from my backyard. I love you Joe Six-Pack! I’ve seen ’em all but that was one great video, I’m tellin ya’!….thanks so much… toodles…Sarah
We’re hoping your comments will bring more attention to the video and that those of you with time to spare will watch the video again and again and help inflate our “Views” numbers. (It beats watching the DOW Industrials ticker on the cable news channels.) Now, after watching the video and forwarding the YouTube URL to everyone you possibly can and then watching it seventeen more times, you must go to my new website: . It’s still under construction, but most importantly you can download your own copy of the song “All Your Stars” for only 99 cents. I’m not sure why you would want to download more than one copy, but feel free because we’d like to make another video celebrating an Obama victory and we need your support to pull that off. A full CD of Silky Dave tunes should be out in time for Xmas.
That’s the mission. Should you choose to accept it, you can get started here:
You can also email me at
Thanks for your support and I hope we can all celebrate an Obama victory on Nov. 4th.
Peace, David

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