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Building a Life

Building a Life Cover

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“Roughly twenty years in the making, it was hardly worth the wait, but in the end I was not to be denied the chance to throw my disc into the smoldering embers of the digital economy. I know what you’re thinking, ‘Who is this Silky Dave to seek recompense for his music? Does he not know that music is now free?’ While I agree that music these days is often free, I’d like to remind all my cyberfriends that quality studio time, excellent musicians and producers, talented graphic designers, and shrink wrap are not. (OK, I got Jep Epstein to play for free, but I’ve known the guy almost 25 years and he’s not only an honorable man and talented musician but also incredibly generous).”

-Silky Dave

Buzz McClain Review

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  1. All the Way Down
  2. Job to Do
  3. Building a Life
  4. All Your Stars
  5. Simple Life
  6. Middle Class
  7. Pick Your Fights
  8. This Town
  9. Mamma Wants to Know
  10. Nine out of Ten
  11. The Dream
  12. Bonus

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